About IPD

Infinity Point Design was founded to fulfill a personal vision. To give every client access to the very facets of this industry that fuel the passion I have for it. Lighting is a unique medium that can influence the masses. From the most subdued moment with one person to shows over 100,000 people.

Your experience with us will be world class, your project will be memorable for everyone.

By using the latest in technology we create cutting edge shows, and by working with Infinity Point Design you will suddenly have access not only to us, but to a worldwide network of lighting suppliers and vendors that under our direction can take care of every need your production may require. From Beijing to Sydney, and Buenos Aires to New York your project is the focus our passion. It is their very existence that allows us to give you the best of ourselves.

From an early age this was the only career for me. After studying lighting design, computer science, and electronics I needed more from myself. My study of music, dance, theater and arts tempered an analytical mind with a intense passion for the arts. My start in theater gave way to big name music artists from all facets of music. Later working for most of the major lighting companies in the United States and gaining the contacts that this industry demands. These contacts allow Infinity Point Design to design leading productions, from the cruise ship industry to the building down the street from you. Whether you know it or not you have probably witnessed our hand in some form or another.

From youtube.com to publications and DVD’s, you have been part our very existence from the beginning.
Now we can bring the very things you remember from any live event to your project.

So here we are, ready to light your world.

How can we make that happen?

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