Projection, Lights & Staging News. Volume 11.10

A Mayhem Festival Scorcher

Production, Lights and Staging News, [Volume 11.10, Digital Pages 25, 26]

Writer Morgan Loven interviews Jason Bullock on his background and position with Korn during the Mayhem Tour in 2010.


At showtime, Bullock pours every bit of his own energy into his lights. “I’ve literally seen Jason stage dive off the desk,” says ChamSys product specialists Esteban Caracciolo. Watching Bullock run the show in Dallas, that claim is easy to believe. He is now known for his high energy presence at FOH, working his favorite cherry-red board. “Lighting without good music to work with doesn’t really exist.”

“I’ve worked on a lot of consoles,” says Bullock. “I can sit down at just about anything and create a show I can use. For me personally the ChamSys works for my style — a lot of key short cuts, a straight, streamlined OS that is fast, reliable, and powerful. It’s got great people writing the software, Chris Kennedy in particular. And it has a combination of features that aren’t available anywhere else.” In terms of programming, Bullock stresses the importance of accuracy as well as speed. “You need to be sure that the buttons you press are achieving what you are seeking. Going along with that, you need to know what you want to program before you start, otherwise there is a lot of wasted time trying to get your brain up to speed with what is going on around you.


Writer: Morgan Loven

Photography by: Steve Jennings

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