Projection Lighting and Stage News – February 2013 Issue

Jane's Addiction - The Great Escape Artist

Steve Jennings gives PLSN designer insights on the JANE’S ADDICTION Theatre of the Escapist Tour.
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PLSN Issue February 2013From the article quoting Jason Bullock:

“Jane’s Addiction has always been a very unique band and the Theatre of the Escapist tour was meant to be a theatrical show. That demands their show matching that feeling and their reputation for memorable shows with different elements. Since becoming their LD in 2009 we have used a very wide variety of different elements. From suspension artist to dancers to illusionists. It is a constantly evolving show. The lighting and video are critical in supporting and defining the space for all of this to happen. This design was compact. Using a variety of different fixtures to create lots of layers and angles. The combination of pods and different trim heights allowed us to fill the space available using a single truss for our system.

“I played with the vibe of moody lighting and starkness, a feeling that I believe we captured with this show. Dave Navarro, Stephen Perkins, and Chris Cheney are amazingly good at playing with the specials. They know when they want to be seen and to be able to retreat when they feel the need to add that moodiness. They are able to be the subject without being stuck in a overpowering spot that would completely destroy the intimate vibe of this show.

“Perry (Farrell) had the concept for the album art. The cover was a sculpture he made. He had images of Harry Houdini and that time period that he had collected when we began the design process. Much of the video was designed and compiled from locations Perry searched out. After hearing the record and getting those ideas from him, Jim Lenahan (long time LD for Tom Petty) designed the set and drop. Some of the other conceptual ideas came through with Chris Kantrowitz and the team from Frank the Plumber. Peter Katsis (band manager, Prospect Park) has assembled a great team with all of us. This was a very involved conceptual process that needed to meet fairly strict time and budget requirements.

“Over the multiple legs of this tour the lighting system and video system grew in complexity to meet the ever evolving show design. With different songs and different stage elements coming and going to satisfy the fans who have been watching the band for 20 years. Mark Powell took over the reigns of this when I left to go have my first daughter. He was critical to helping the show grow and understanding the different environment that this show presents. Having never worked with him before I was extremely pleased he could just jump in and add to this very challenging project. I would have him take care of any of my shows.”


Jane’s Addiction

Jane's Addiction - The Great Escape Artist

Jane’s Addiction  2012 North American tour to support their new album called ‘The Great Escape Artist’.

Lighting Designer: Jason A. Bullock

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Chamsys Consoles

Chamsys Consoles used during Jane's Addiction Tour

Excerpt from Chamsys.Co.Uk:

On the success of their most recent album

Lighting Designer Jason Bullock from Infinity Point, well know for his ‘hands-on’ operating style with Nine Inch Nails, specified a ChamSys MagicQ MQ100 Pro 2010 console with a Playback Wing to control the lighting and video on the tour. “Theatre of the Escapist”, Jane’s Addiction have just completed another successful US tour using ChamSys consoles.


Lightwave International

Jane's Addiction 2011 Tour

Lightwave International is a multi-talented production company specializing in dazzling Laser Light Shows and special effects for movies, corporate, touring, and civic events. Together with Jason’s design, this show became the very first concert to be filmed in 3D courtesy of LG.

“The entire performance was programmed on site under the direction of Jason Bullock, Lighting Designer, and with the assistance of Mike Dunn, Laser Artist, working remotely from the home office.”

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